A1 Android UI Kit Free Download

By w3iscool, October 8, 2015

Today we are sharing a clean and colorful free Android UI Kit. In this kit includes upto 45 screens, full HD views and more than 250 elements.

Following things you can find in A1 Android UI Kit

  • Accurate Layer & Groups
  • Vector Shapes
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Free Fonts
  • +60 Original A1 icons
  • Menu and Navigation
  • Sign in / Sign up Views

A1 Android UI Kit is an awesome library where you can find the full UI kit PSD. When you need android design resource, you can get from A1 UI Kit. Design a user interface with ui kit like this is really time consuming. You can download and use this UI Kit with free of cost.

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Android ui kit

A1 Android UI Kit

A1 is a colorful flexible and free Android UI Kit! In this UI kit you can find all necessary elemnts for design or developing a app.

Designed by Vahan Hovhannesian

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